English-Russian Dictionary of Aerospace Medicine, Psychology and Ergonomics

Modern English Russian Dictionary CD ROM

Number of pages: 944
Number of words: 430000

Release date: 2004
Publisher: Russo
ISBN 13: 5887212748

Current Price: 60 €    

The dictionary contains 50,000 words and 70,000 phrases of contemporary English with a detailed elaboration of the meanings of words and their compatibility.
In the dictionary presented terminology that is included in the common lexicon of the field of computer, audio and video equipment, information technology and telecommunications, automotive engineering, transport, medicine, biology, biotechnology, genetics, sports and leisure activities.
Included are words that reflect new trends in music, fashion, youth and popular culture, as well as slang and colloquial language.
Full electronic version of the dictionary is attached to the publication of the CD-ROM.

The dictionary is intended for a wide range of users: from pupils and students to the translators and specialists in various fields.