New English-Russian Dictionary of Electronics (2 books)

New English Russian Dictionary of Electronics

Number of pages: 1648
Number of words: 100 000

Release date: 2009
Publisher: Abby Lingvo
ISBN 13: 978-5391000051

Current Price: 120 €    

The dictionary contains about 100,000 terms and term combinations in informatics and electronics, modern element base and production of electronic and computer equipment, global, regional and local computer networks, various forms of communication, television and video equipment, electro, telephone, mains electricity, media, desktop publishing systems, etc.

We also include the following areas of science and technology: mathematics, logic, linguistics, grammar, game theory, general physics and chemistry, electrodynamics, optics, solid state physics, quantum mechanics, etc.

At the end of the dictionary is a list of 7000 English abbreviations with the Russian equivalent.

The dictionary is intended for a wide range of users - students, teachers, translators, engineers, technologists, scientists, as well as for administrative staff and entrepreneurs.