New English-Russian and Russian-English Medical Dictionary

New English Russian and Russian English Medical Dictionary

Number of pages: 592
Number of words: 110000
Release date: 2009
Publisher: Jivoi Iazik
ISBN 13: 978-5803305996

Current Price: 70 € 

This dictionary contains over 110,000 terms, combinations, equivalents and values in the following areas of medicine: genetics, cytology, cardiology, general medicine, surgery, transplantation, parasitology, sexual pathology, psychiatry, etc. In the dictionary presented terminology relating to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, alcoholism and drug addiction, as well as clinical trials of medicines, medical insurance, occupational health, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation, military medicine, modern equipment and technology.

Dictionary may be useful for a wide range of professionals working in medicine and related fields, as well as students, graduate students, faculty, relevant schools and interpreters, related to the literature on medical topics.