English-Russian Medical Dictionary "English in Medical Practice"

Number of pages: 832
Release date: 2007
Publisher: Russo
ISBN 13: 5887213205

Current Price: 70 €    

This book is an original edition that combines the properties of the dictionary, phrasebook and a handbook on the subject of medicine. The author of the English - native speaker - a doctor from the UK Dzh.P.Myurrey, author of the translation - Professor VL Rivkin.

Part One of the book is English-Russian dictionary of medical terminology required to communicate the physician and patient. The second part contains 21 Examples of clinical cases and a wide range of different options for emergency conditions, the most frequently encountered in medical practice. Parts of the third and fourth contain certain medical concepts and their characteristics, ie represent a kind of thesaurus. The fifth part of the book contains important terms used in describing the various pathologies. The sixth part includes a list of the most common modern English medical abbreviations and more examples of British design of medical records.

The last part of the book is conversational professional vocabulary used by British doctors. In the book adopted the English spelling.

The publication is intended for teachers of English medical schools, doctors, medical students and interpreters, as well as all those who use the services of British doctors.