New English-Russian Medical Dictionary (+ CD-ROM)

New English Russian Medical Dictionary CD ROM

Number of pages: 880
Number of words: 75000

Release date: 2007
Publisher: Russo
ISBN 13: 5887213116

Current Price: 80 €    

The dictionary contains about 75000 terms for the main sections of the clinical and theoretical medicine, clinical immunology, immunogenetics, Radiology, Aerospace Medicine, as well as medical equipment.

In addition to the classical terminology, anatomy, physiology, histology, and the basic pathology, disease names, the names of medicinal plants, the dictionary includes terms from surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pediatrics, oncology, neurosurgery, Addiction, forensic medicine, etc.

In case the dictionary are the most common modern English with a reduction in decoding and Russian equivalents.

At the end of the dictionary is a list of abbreviations of medical degrees, adopted in the UK.

Dictionary has a complete electronic version submitted for publication on the accompanying CD-ROM.

The dictionary is intended for health professionals, teachers, students and graduate medical schools, health-care companies, as well as interpreters of the medical literature.