Grand English-Russian Oil & Gas Business Glossary

Grand English Russian Oil Gas Business Glossary

Number of pages: 480
Release date: 2009
Publisher: Olymp Business
ISBN 13: 978-5969301559

Current Price: 180 € 

Expanded and updated English-Russian dictionary for oil and gas business. Contains the most difficult to translate non-technical terms and phrases stable, widely used in various spheres of the international oil business: the oil rights to oil trading on the evaluation of investment projects up to trade oil futures and derivatives, from logistics to pricing oil in the oil and oil products. It presents the best Russian-language equivalents of over 6000 Anglo-American terminology and acronyms and a brief interpretation of those who are not self-evident.
Dictionary easy to use and will undoubtedly be useful for both newcomers to the international oil and gas business and IT professionals, familiar with its features, but have difficulties with the Anglo-American or Russian terminology for teachers and students in higher education, international, economic and oil profile, for journalists, editors and translators.