New great English-Russian dictionary on oil and gas

New great English Russian dictionary on oil and gas1

Number of pages: 1136
Number of words: 250000

Release date: 2010
Publisher: Jivoi Iazik
ISBN 13: 978-5803305927

Current Price: 130 €    

The dictionary contains about 250 000 terms, combinations, equivalents and meanings, as well as 2250 abbreviations related to the oil and gas branch of industry.

Found in the Dictionary are the terms covering some adjacent fields: ecology, economics, environmental protection, reliability, transport, as well as the names of the respective organizations.

All the terms were chosen from the specialized literature: modern dictionaries, encyclopedias, monographs and the respective periodicals.

The dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry professionals, customs experts, oil exporters and importers, scholars, professirs, instructors, postgraduates, students, translators, editors and all those who deal with special texts in English.