English-russian & Russian-english Dictionary of Viticulture, Wine & Spirits

English Russian and Russian English Dictionary of Viticulture Wine and Spirits

Number of pages: 456
Number of words: 24000

Release date: 2005
Publisher: Russo
ISBN 13: 5887212470

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The dictionary contains about 13,000 terms in the field of viticulture, winemaking and the production of alcoholic beverages in the Anglo-Russian parts, as well as over 11 000 terms in the Russian-English part. The dictionary is a list of English abbreviations with the interpretation and Russian equivalents.
The annex provides background data on the main wine growing regions, lists of units, tables, counting them, the classification of wines and other alcoholic beverages, a transliteration of Russian names of grape varieties in the English language and other useful materials.

The dictionary is intended for scientists, experts in the field of agriculture and viticulture, agronomists and wine makers, employees of wine, brandy and alcoholic beverage industry, those engaged in trade, restaurants, bartenders, sommeliers, marketing, wine tasters, doctors, nutritionists, journalists, experts in the field of advertising and scientific and technical information and translators.