New English-Russian and Russian-English Aviation Dictionary

New English Russian and Russian English Aviation Dictionary

Number of pages: 544
Number of words: 100000
Release date: 2008
Publisher: Jivoi Iazik
ISBN 13: 978-5803301608

Current Price: 80 € 

This dictionary contains over 100,000 terms (with transcription), combinations, equivalents and values on the following topics: design and propulsion systems of aircraft on-board electronics, control systems and navigation, aircraft technology, design, testing, production and maintenance of aircraft, maintenance airports, ground handling and emergency rescue equipment of airports, the foundations of aerodynamics, aircraft astronomy, meteorology, aerial photography, combat use of aircraft and helicopters, the elements of air and missile defense.

Dictionary may be useful for aviation specialists: designers, engineers, pilots, as well as students, graduate students, faculty, relevant schools and interpreters, related to the literature on aviation topics.