English-Russian Theological Dictionary: Judaism - Christianity - Islam

English Russian Theological Dictionary Judaism Christianity Islam

Number of pages: 480
Number of words: 50000
Release date: 2006
Publisher: Vostok Zapad
ISBN 13: 5170384491

Current Price: 60 € 

The dictionary contains over 30,000 lexical items and word usage, illustrated by numerous examples from the scriptures. In ""Judaism and Christianity"" It is based on the texts of the Bible (Old and New Testament) New King James Edition (Russian). And The Holy Bible (King James Version).
Provides detailed word matching, due to their importance and use, the emphasis falls on the use of language in its theological connotations.

The dictionary is intended to translate theological, theological literature, sacred texts of the three most numerous world religions. Along with the traditional translation purposes it can be used for the preparation of sermons and prepare for exams students of theological schools.